Android Apps

The Conreality apps for Android are apps for the Android mobile operating system, aimed at Conreality gamemasters, players, and spectators.

Conreality Player for Android

The player app runs on a wearable device carried by each player.

At present, the app targets phones and tablets. We anticipate that in the future it will run on and explicitly support augmented-reality headsets (e.g., Google Glass) as well, and that this will be the primary use case.


  • Enables the configuration of the player's nickname and avatar.

  • Enables joining a local game in progress (depending on the game's settings).

  • Displays the mission objective and the current progress to it.

  • Enables players to track the current positions (distance and coordinates) of teammates.

  • Enables players to communicate (via text and voice) with teammates.

  • Provides a personal area network (PAN) for accessories and gadgets.

Conreality Scoreboard for Android

The scoreboard or spectator app presents a read-only view of an ongoing game for the benefit of spectators.


  • TODO

Conreality Console for Android

The command and control (C2) console app enables gamemasters to create and oversee game scenarios.


  • Enables gamemasters to set up a game scenario.

  • Enables gamemasters to issue control commands to swarms and nodes.

  • Enables tracking the current positions of players and assets.

  • TODO