16.101x: Intro to Aerodynamics by MITx

16.110x: Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics by MITx

AE1110x: Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering by DelftX

Augmented Reality

Internet of Things & Augmented Reality Emerging Technologies by Yonsei University


Materials Science

3.032x: Mechanical Behavior of Materials by MITx


Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications

Physics & Chemistry

3.091x: Introduction to Solid State Chemistry by MITx


AUTONAVx: Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots by TUMx

CS373: Artificial Intelligence for Robotics by Georgia Tech

SNU446.345x: Robot Mechanics and Control by SNUx

6.832x: Underactuated Robotics by MITx

Robotic Motion Systems by UC Irvine

Optics for Robots and Drones by UC Irvine

Control of Mobile Robots by Georgia Tech

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