Scout Car

Our Mark I scout car is a robotic car based on the SunFounder Smart Video Car Kit for the Raspberry Pi. It can be used as a reconnaissance vehicle in milsim scenarios or as an affordable development platform for hacking on Conreality.

Photo of Conreality Scout Car MkI


Our recommended, known-good reference configuration is the following:

Note that you can fairly easily substitute another control board than the Raspberry Pi 3. If you choose to do so, adapt the firmware installation instructions that follow accordingly.


  • Powertrain: electric (7-12VDC)

  • Drivetrain: rear-wheel drive (2WD)

  • Top speed: TBD

  • Radio range: TBD


Expect assembly to take 3-4 hours. Download the assembly manual and follow the video tutorials:

  1. Open Box & Basic Assembly

  2. Assembly Completed

  3. Circuits

  4. Software (optional, for validation)


To install Conreality on the vehicle, follow the Installation Guide, making sure to pay particular attention to any Raspberry Pi-specific instructions.