To Dos

The following are known to-do items for the project. In case a particular to-do item has a user handle associated with it, it's already in the works by the person designated by the handle; to collaborate on the task, contact that person directly.

If a to-do item has no user handle associated with it, it is up for grabs for anyone to do. Once you've actually begun on the task (not before that!), go ahead and record your intent by editing this wiki page.

Please do not add any wishlist-type fluff here--these are all manifestly actionable items, to be by default done by the person who added a specific item. Don't add anything that you're not prepared to step up to implement yourself.

Website Infrastructure

  • Document the procedure for obtaining and installing TLS certificates issued by Let's Encrypt. (@bendiken)

  • Force HTTP to HTTPS redirection on all our TLS-enabled websites. (@bendiken)

  • Auto-link @handles in wiki pages to the respective GitHub account.

Development Infrastructure

  • Finish the Debian/Ubuntu packaging based on the Autotools build system. (@bendiken)

  • Ensure that the build system supports out-of-tree compiles. (@bendiken)

  • Enhance the build system by checking that the OCaml version is supported. This requires use of the AX_COMPARE_VERSION macro to check OCAMLVERSION for OCaml 4.02.1+. See the example in OPAM's

  • Support builds with no system dependencies, using bundled external dependencies (difficulty: expert):

    • Bundle libffi in lib/libffi. The project uses an Autotools-based build system.

    • Bundle Lua 5.1 in lib/lua. The project uses a Make-based build system.

    • Bundle OpenCV 2.4 in lib/opencv. The project uses a CMake-based build system.

    • Bundle OCaml packages under lib/ as submodules.

    • Build the transitive dependency graph with correct ordering.

  • Build all manuals (HTML, PDF, EPUB) automatically from post-commit hooks.

Target Architectures & Platforms

  • Validate the build procedure on Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Amend the platform detection and support configuration in accordingly. Document the findings.

  • Work through and document cross-compilation from x86-64 to ARM. The Autotools-based build system in principle supports cross compilation. This may require changing AC_CANONICAL_HOST to AC_CANONICAL_TARGET. See the manual.

  • Help port the OCaml native code compiler to the RISC-V architecture.

Third-Party Dependencies

  • Add support for the ioctl(2) facility in extunix. (Pull request #11 by @bendiken)

  • Enhance Alcotest's user-friendliness by pushing Float matchers, etc, upstream.

  • Update OCaml-Lua to use Lua 5.2+ instead of the current Lua 5.1. Lua 5.2 brings significant enhancements.

  • Submit OCaml-Lua Debian packaging to upstream.

  • Support @lindig's public-domain, pure-OCaml Lua runtime implementation, Lua-ML.

  • Fix OpenCV's spurious "Camera dropped frame!" stdout spamming on OS X (ticket #980; discussion on Stack Overflow)

Project Evangelism

  • Submit a mentoring organization application to Google Summer of Code in 2017. According to their timeline, mentoring organizations must apply by mid-February.